SPARCFulfillment Enhanced Data Security

Dear MUSC SPARC Users,

To enhance the data security of SPARCFulfillment and follow the HIPAA compliance requirements, SPARCFulfillment will be enhanced by full integration with Shibboleth and stricter rules with MUSC campus firewall.

Users using outside network will only be able to access SPARCFulfillment via VPN.  This change will be effective Dec 13th 12:00 pm.

Thank you for the support and feedback, and Happy Holiday Season!

-The SPARC Team


Tip of the Day: How to Decrease Inbox Clutter

Dear SPARC Users,

How full is your inbox?!

We understand that sometimes you may not want to receive updates for studies that you are not the PI on—these email notifications of updates are generated as a result of your “User Rights” on the study within SPARC!

If you DO NOT wish to receive these notifications—simply ask the study coordinator who builds the studies to change your rights in SPARC to “Member Only”; Then no email related to that study will be sent to you, nor will the study show up on your SPARCDashboard, and your name will still be showing on the records for consistency across SPARC/Epic.

You can also switch your own rights on those studies from “Authorize/Change Study Charges” to “Member Only”, too.

See example of where to make the change below:

For additional information:SPARC Proxy Rights

Please contact the SUCCESS Center @ 792-8300 for any further support regarding this matter!




Dear MUSC SPARC Users,

We have released updates to SPARCRequest and SPARCFulfillment. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Check out the link below for the new features and bug fixes included with the new release!

171024-SPARCRequest v3.0.0b +SPARCFulfillment v2.6.5 New Features

For more information, please contact the SUCCESS Center:


Phone: 843-792-8300

Telehealth Research Services Available in SPARCRequest

Dear MUSC SPARC Users,

Welcome our new service provider for Telehealth Research Services!

They are officially live in SPARCRequest with 2 services (Teleconsent and Tele-survey in REDCap), which can be found under SCTR/Biomedical Informatics Center on the service catalog, or via simple search.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 9.54.09 AM.png


Please check out the services provided for your research, and request your interested service(s) with SPARCRequest~ Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

-The SPARCRequest Team