SPARC_IDS Pharmacy Workflow

When working with Investigational Drug Services (IDS) in SPARC, you will receive the communication below.

“If you are requesting IDS study management services, please submit the appropriate service requests via SPARCRequest (  All requests for new study fee reviews and setups must be submitted through SPARC, and informal requests via email will not be accepted.  Additionally, all protocol, pharmacy manual, and IB amendments should be submitted through SPARC, rather than email, for appropriate document management.  If you are not familiar with SPARC, please contact the SCTR Success Center for assistance.”


Below is a list of the basic SPARC requests and statuses (click to enlarge) to use when requesting IDS services, although in some situations the fee review request may be submitted by the Office of Clinical Research (OCR) on your behalf.  All study protocols involving IDS should also be submitted to the OCR for review.

To initiate new study setups in IDS, study teams will be responsible for submitting a SPARC request for “New Study Setup and Drug Management Services.”  Please submit this request as soon as you know you are ready to proceed with a study, but only after you have received IDS approval of your completed Fee Schedule.

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