Investigational Drug Services (IDS) Announcement

Congrats to IDS for moving toward managing all requests through SPARC! Please refer to the announcement below.

“While many of you already submit your requests for IDS pharmacy services via SPARC, we still receive many requests in the form of emails.  In an effort to standardize our processes and streamline our workflow, we are now officially moving to a more structured system of managing ALL new study management requests through SPARC.  Moving forward, requests received via email for fee reviews and new study setups will not be processed until an official request has been submitted in SPARC.  SPARC will allow us to better track our progress for certain tasks and will allow study teams to see when IDS has fulfilled their requests.  Also, since much of the same information that is emailed to IDS is also entered in SPARC, this single system process should reduce the amount of duplicate work for study teams.  If you do not currently use SPARC, please contact the SCTR Success Center for assistance.

For study coordinators who normally email amendments to IDS, please submit IRB approved amendments via SPARC.  This will allow us to better track our amendments and reduce the volume of emails received.

Below is a list of the basic SPARC statuses to use when requesting IDS services.  More detailed information regarding all possible IDS SPARC statuses to follow.”

Request for Fee Review
Get a Cost Estimate • Users to submit to IDS for cost review using “Get a Cost Estimate” and upload a completed copy of the IDS Fee Schedule

• For Investigator Initiated trials requesting compounding services (e.g. capsule compounding), users must also include a complete study treatment plan; services for compounding/repackaging are listed in SPARCRequest under Additional Fees

• If approved, user will need to move status to “Submitted” if/when ready to proceed with using IDS services

• IMPORTANT: Get a Cost Estimate request will not trigger IDS to start setting up a study

Get a Cost Estimate → In Admin Review → Approved
Request for New Study Setup
Submitted • Users to move to “Submitted” status once their fee schedule has been approved by IDS and they are ready to officially solicit IDS services based on the approved costs

• IMPORTANT: Moving to Submitted indicates the PI wishes to utilize IDS services and agrees to the approved costs

• The IDS Set-up Fee is expected at this time (be sure to include UDAK)

• IDS will then move to In Process to commence study setup

Submitted → In Process → Active
Amendments (“Protocol Amendment” service request)
Submitted • Users to submit to IDS for review and implementation of changes as necessary

• No further action required by user once submitted

Submitted → In Process → Active