Happy Thanksgiving

Dear MUSC SPARC Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for your support and feedback for SPARCRequest during the past year. May you have a wonderful time this Thanksgiving, with friends and family.


-The SPARC Team


SPARC/Epic HB Medical Visit Level 1-5 Service Selection Made Easy

Dear SPARC Users,

We are happy to announce that with the help from Epic Research team, it is now easier to select the Hospital services for New Medical Visit Level 1 – 5 (CPT Code: 99201 – 99205) and Established Medical Visit Level 1 – 5 (CPT Code: 99211 – 99215), and routing charges correctly after the study is pushed to Epic.

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Upon the new update on 11/22/2016, no matter which of 10 CPT codes (99201 – 99205, 99211 – 99215) is chosen on the study calendar, when the study is pushed to Epic, it will now route one of the ten length of stay charges accordingly.  (Note that for budgeting purposes, your budget will still be closer to the actual cost if you choose the correct level/length of visit.)

Please let us know if you have any question, and have a wonderful day!

-The SPARC Team



SPARCRequest Updates (v1.8.6)

Dear MUSC SPARC Users,

We have implemented some updates on SPARCRequest for a new feature (#1) and bug fixes (#2 and #3) :

 1. (SPARCRequest) Status Holding Reconfigurations

The status algorithm has been improved. Only statuses for requests that have been newly added or revised will be changed to “Submit” when the whole protocol is re-submitted, which is done by going through “Modify Request” button, follow the steps, and click “Submit to Start Services” on SPARCRequest Step 4 page.

We made these adjustments so that the statuses used by administrative users (except for “Awaiting Requester Response”) for tracking their workflows will be holding during a re-submission if the revisions have not been made, which simplifies the admin workflow and improves the accuracy of metric tracking.

For example, for protocol 10088, there is an existing Voucher request (-0001) that is in “Approved” status, and the user wants to add a RedCap consultation request. When the user clicks the “Modify Request” button on Dashboard to add the RedCap consultation into his/her shopping cart and re-submit, the Voucher request (10088-0001) will still be in “Approved” status with the previous submission date, and the new RedCap request (10088-0002) will be in “Submitted” status with the new submission date.


  1. (SPARCRequest) Step 2b: Visit Window Bug Fix

We have fixed a bug that was causing the visit window to be unable to be entered before entering the visit day on Step 2b.


  1. (SPARCDashboard) Status Bug Fix

There was a bug causing the status of a request to change to “Draft” when an admin user changes the selection of services on the “Study Schedule” tab inside the “Admin Edit” section. We have fixed the bug.

Please send us feedbacks about these updates and let us know if you have any questions.

For more information, please contact the SUCCESS Center:

Email: success@musc.edu

Phone: 843-792-8300

-The SPARC Team