Important Research Billing System Notice

On behalf of Epic Research:

An issue has been brought to our attention with research charges not always routing appropriately. This is as a result of a recent update on 7/19/16 to the MUSC Epic EMR system. We are requesting that study teams pay particular attention when reviewing their daily research billing reports for accuracy and move any misrouted charges appropriately. MUSC Epic Research team is working with Epic corporate to have a solution to this issue put in place as quickly as possible. We will continue to update the MUSC Research Community with information as it becomes available.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Epic Research Team at:

SPARCDashboard Tip: How to Find Archived Protocols

Hello Everyone,

         Today we are introducing the tip of the day for our recently launched SPARCDashboard module (a 2-in-1 for the previous “Admin Portal” and “User Portal”). The topic is: how to find archived protocols on the SPARCDashboard (and unarchive them).

160704-Blog Post Screenshot.png

         Here are the three steps to Unarchive a study/project:

1). Check the “Archived” checkbox on the left panel of your Dashboard;

2). Click the “Filter” button on the same panel, and all your archived studies/projects will show up on the list on the main page;

3). Click the “Unarchive Study/Project” button to unarchive the chosen protocol.

After that, the unarchived protocol will show back up on your dashboard.

Note: If you know the SPARC ID of the protocol you are looking for, typing that ID inside the search box before checking “Archived” will be a fast route of seeking.

Please let us know what other tips of SPARC that you would like to learn. Thanks and have a great week!

-The SPARC Team