Happy Holidays!


Dearest MUSC SPARCRequesters,

           Happy Holidays! May the magic and the wonder of the holiday season stay with you throughout the coming year of 2016!

-The SPARC Team


Are your services in SPARC Request? Do you have questions about SPARCAdmin?

SPARCAdminSPARCAdmin is where service providers/administrators come in to look at a request that have been submitted by a user through SPARC Request. This system lets the service provider know that their research services have been requested and they are responsible for getting in touch with the user to provide requested services. Here, the service provider can manage the user requests and make any necessary edits. The service provider can change the status of the request to keep the user informed of the request progress. Administrators also have the ability to run reports, change study information, change the visit calendar, add users, add documents, and send notifications to the study team out of this module.

If you are interested in SPARCAdmin training please contact the SUCCESS Center at 843-792-8300.

– The SPARC Team

Open SPARC Discussion


      You are invited to join our monthly internal open SPARC discussion on Monday December 7th at 10:00 am in Roper Medical Office Building, Suite 140 located on the first floor in the SUCCESS Center. Come tell us about your user experience and help improve SPARC Request for everyone!

-The SPARC Request Team