SPARC Request Team working hard on Epic interface

The SPARC Team is hard at work on the interface between SPARC Request and Epic. Benefits of this interface include:

  • No duplicative work – no need to create a study calendar in SPARC Request AND Epic
  • By first requesting services in SPARC Request, users are provided the Significant following benefits: ability to browse/select research services from across the institution, create a preliminary study budget, ability to upload documents to specific service providers (Lab, Radiology, Pathology, etc.), authorize other users to access the study with certain levels of rights. In addition, once services have been requested, SPARC Request sends automatic, electronic notifications to the selected Service Provides informing them that services have been selected from their program. Each service provider has a robust Administrative Portal wherein he/she can confirm pricing, track the request, communicate with users, etc.
  • Study Administrative Records (Research Studies) will be generated for users in Epic
  • Billing Protocols (Study Calendars), complete with a list of services, when they are to be completed, and how services are to be funded (study funding, patient’s insurance) will automatically be created for users in Epic 
  • Study staff (PI, any coordinators listed in SPARC Request, etc.) will automatically be associated with the Study Administrative Records in Epic

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